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Avondale Bel Spirit

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Avondale Bel Spirit was originally bred by my mother. She was purchased back by me in early 2016. She came in foal to the well performed purebred Arabian stallion Impreza. I was fortunate that she produced a quality bay filly, Avonview Gazaliah who has been retained.

Bel Spirit, or Espirit as she's known, is only 4 generations away from Avondale's foundation mare, Moonkas. She is an Akhu grandaughter and has Mustafa and Nile in her pedigree.

She's a mare with a very sensible nature, and great to do anything with.

In 2018 Espirit foaled another beautful filly, this time by Avondale Cruise. Avondale Cruise brings Avondale Grace and CraveFF bloodlines into her breeding.

Interesting to note that Avondale Grace is the granddaughter of the stallion, Avonview Akubra, bred by me many years ago. And she is the daughter of Avondale Gai Enchantment who is still with us.

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