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Avondale Rafik **SOLD**


Torryburn Lujaini x Twinmills Ritz

'Rafie' is a purebred Arabian Gelding. He is sweet boy who will be your best friend. He is suited to pleasure riding and lower level showing. He is very kind. He was broken in by David Murphy and will accept a stock whip being cracked, etc.

As I no longer ride he was turned out after breaking in last year and is now ready to trim down and bring back into work again.

He was shown earlier this year, 2019, at the WDARAB show winning a ribbon in most of his classes.

He generally floats well and is good to trim feet and do most things with. He is used to being rugged but is currently in winter coat and unrugged.

Rafie is still green and will require someone experienced to bring out the best in him.

He is a very kind loving fellow and will make someone a great mate.

If you are interested in finding out more about him, please call me on 0407898974. (5/7/2019)

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Avondale Rafik.jpg
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