Avondale Samuel

Foaled: 26-10-15 (Still to be reg.)
Avondale Amira x Avondale Rafik

Sam was a bit of a surprise who wasn't planned during Avondale's transition. He is out of currently unregistered Arabian Pony mare, Avondale Amira, who is out of Belbowrie Summer's Eve by Twinmills Ritz. Sam will be eligible for registration, but as a partbred not an Arabian Pony, due to his purebred sire not being stallion registered. It will involve getting his dam registered too, which is not a problem. Sam has a very kind heart. He has had basic handling only. He is easy to catch and float. He has a quiet kind nature but will require someone with experience to bring out the best in him. I guess you could say he's a bit like a 'teenager' at the moment. He requires some more work, extra experiences and discipline to match.

He will suit pleasure riding and, at an educated guess, is approx 12.2-13hh.

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